Friday, April 17, 2009

Compare and contrast

While the Stingrays were moving in and around us at the sandbar in Stingray City, I also spotted a CowFish, with my snorkel gear. Oh, a good tip: Take your snorkel mask with you while at Stingray City to get an awesome underwater vantage of how these ray glide. You'll never know what else you'll spot lurking closeby, like this Cowfish. I still had to some chasing to get a closer shot. But here it is. A Cayman Cowfish. This time it was in much closer proximity that when I spotted my first one in Bermuda and while the Cayman shot is underwater, the Bermuda shot is above water, and taken with a camera that's not waterproof. So, which is the prettier one? I like them both, but then again I am biased.



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MarkD60 said...

Aren't you comparing apples and oranges here?
Both shots are good, the Bermuda fish is blowing bubbles at the surface all cute. But the underwater fish you can see the markings on the fish and how nice the fish itself looks.

Next time you go to stingray city, swim off to the inside of the reef. There's lots of good stuff there!