Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Honeycomb Cowfish

One of the exciting things about living in Bermuda (like any other tropical island) is being exposed (face to face in some cases) to so many varieties of tropical fish. It can be thrilling, if you're into that sort of thing. For some are truly afraid of the water and what it holds, but fear not. You need not be in the water here in Bermuda to have an encounter with any of the island's beautiful marine inhabitants. There are plenty of places here where one can just stand by the docks and have a look at what's swimming down below. Just make sure to carry some food with you to lure these dwellers to come out in the open.

This one featured here is the Honeycomb Cowfish. Cowfish are often lumped together with its cousins, the Trunkfish. They are apparently more beautiful when in the water, not so much when taken out. They can be found near reefs of ranging in depth of 3 to 80 meters. This Honeycomb Cowfish pictured here was found off the docks at the Flatts Inlet. It was a sunny beautiful day when I decided to visit with some leftover orzo (rice shaped pasta). A little girl was more than happy to feed the fish, leaving me free to snap up pictures of whatever came into view. This Cowfish made numerous appearances which I how I managed to capture this little gem of a shot as it swam up to the surface. I kid you not! See the bubbles? The bubbles (and of course the ripples) are proof , if you doubt me so. (My friend H, better not tell me this picture has been Photoshopped as well). Honeycomb Cowfish are commonly found in Bermuda, Brazil, and apparently as far as New Jersey(!?). During mating period, the male Honeycomb Cowfish turn a deep blue and emits an audible hum. While I've yet to come across a Cowfish while snorkeling, I think this picture and video just about makes up for it in the meantime. And, as I was leaving, I also spotted a baby Honeycomb Cowfish but was unable to capture it on film (It was tiny - no bigger than one's palm). Maybe next time...



fortify said...

very informative. Time to go catch me a cowfish

bermudabluez said...

Very cool looking fish!

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Fortify: Just remember to put it right back in. They're only pretty when they're in the water and they're not so tasty. But you already know this!

BB: Thanks. Have you every spotted these in NJ's waters, cause apparently they live there too! Imagine that!