Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cayman, where art thou?

While many do not know where Bermuda is really located, most have a rough idea of where the Cayman Islands is - yes that's right. It's in the Caribbean. But where exactly? Do you know? Would you know?

I wouldn't have, if I hadn't looked at the map (this is of course way before I got here). Because the Caribbean houses so very many different islands, scattered and dotted around like it makes no sense, it's rather difficult to remember exactly where they all are, in relation to one another.

Cayman though, is quite easy to spot, once you zoom in of course. It is situated right below Cuba and to the West of Jamaica - both of which one can spot on an atlas - no zooming in required. And so I give you this - satellite images of where the Cayman Islands is roughly situated (look for the circle).

I've also attached another map to show you exactly what the islands look like upon zooming in furthers. The largest of the three is Grand Cayman, with Cayman Little & Cayman Brac to the East. Daily flights shuttle back and forth between the three islands and due to the proximity of the sister islands, no ferry service is available (before any of you email me to ask). Stay tuned for an upcoming post, on Grand Cayman, zoomed in, like you've never seen.


Tigerbutt said...

Guess you'll be taking frequent trips to Cuba, now that you are so close, eh? :-)

dharmabum said...

caibbean??? how exquisite!

Anonymous said...

ha ha nice post!!

Karthiga said...

well now i'm enlightened thanks!! i guess now i have no exuse of not coming to cayman coz i got lost on the way!