Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coin me crazy

At first glance, and only at first glance, can you tell which of these quarters belong to which commonwealth country/Brit territory? If they were to be found jingling around in your pocket or wallet and you were looking for the appropriate coin, would you be able to separate it from its cousins that have also mistakenly made their way into your pocket/wallet? This has been my dilemma for the past four years.

Canadian quarters mixed up with Bermuda quarters mixed up with Cayman quarters. What does not help is that they all bear the image of their Head of State, Queen Elizabeth. It is quite the annoyance when you're in a rush and you find yourself short of change, only to dig deeper into your wallet and find that you yet again forgot to clear your wallet off the lesser needed unvaluable change.

So, at first glance can you match the coin to the country?


Anonymous said...

whatever you do don't give the cayman taxi driver Bermudian change. ;)


Tryangle said...

or vice versa, lol :-)

the Canadian coinage I think differs from the Bermudian in that it's lighter and has different ridges. And it's got that "DC Regina" inscription I think.

Haven't been to Cayman in a while but may be able to find a Caymanian coin around to compare...

syiling peringatan malaysia said...

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