Monday, June 01, 2009

'Tis the season

This happens every year. Just like the cold white north prepares for the winter season conducive to snow storms, we here in the Caribbean prepare ourselves for hurricane season. Some say to me, 'Oh you guys must be pros by now, having lived in Bermuda for three years and now in Cayman'. But that's just it, you can't ever get 'used' to a hurricane. You can't ever be a 'pro', well, unless you're like those audacious Hurricane Hunters you see on TV, flying in the midst of it, or close to it to bring us up to date details on any ongoing hurricane.

Most outside of Cayman may not know but 2004's Hurricane Ivan was the worst the island had seen since the 1930's. What made it worse was that most were so lax about the approaching hurricane, that no one thought that it might actually be devastating. And the reason why not many may know about this is that it wasn't publicised. Cayman blocked all media access that no one really knew the extent of the devastation that took place here.

I often hear about how some if not most parts of the island lacked electricity and water...for weeks! How during the hurricane, tidal waves pretty much flooded Georgetown which is shaped like a bowl, how some parts were under 12 feet of water, how so many coffins were unearthed during the hurricane - and this being Cayman how the rumours ensued, how so many left the island never to come back, how new comers onto the island were not told of the hurricane nor the aftermath - and how would they know with the lack of media coverage, I could go on and on.

Since Ivan, the government has been far more cautious and takes every hurricane/ approaching storm warning seriously. So, are we worried? Should we be? I am not sure. Most homes here in Cayman are post Ivan construction, and have been built to withstand hurricanes. There were very few places and cars that were not affected by Ivan. But regardless, I don't see how we'd have a good summer if we spent everyday worrying about the hurricane season that officially begins today.


bermudabluez said...

I have often wondered about this subject. Having never actually been through one myself, it is somewhat worrisome. The images of Katrina still fresh on everyone's minds. I am curious though...why did the government want the media not to publicize the damage? Did they feel that it would affect tourism negatively? Cayman is still on my list of places I want to visit!! Especially since you show me many beautiful pics and videos of this paradise you are now living in!! I hope you guys are prepared with all of the necessary hurricane "equipment" or kits or...whatever!

MarkD60 said...

No two hurricanes are the same. I hope we don't get hit this year!