Monday, May 25, 2009

Auto lock

It's always a little bit of a lifestyle change when you move from a big city to a smaller island. Many fail to understand the reason behind the little habits that we have accumulated and exhibit over the years from our big city life. Until shit hits the fan...or so to speak.

Like...locking your car doors while driving around. Car jacking is all too common in big cities and locking your car doors could make the biggest difference. One would NOT want to have their vehicle carjacked in the middle of winter because one could be left stranded outside. They say, in Canada a person can die from just being outside during the winter. Not something you'd want to have happen to you at any point.

It's a force of habit, I reckon. Makes no sense to have just the front doors locked while cruising the streets, so I always find myself reminding the driver to lock all doors while we are driving off, or if I'm the driver, then I find myself doing it. Because car jacking does happen on smaller islands too. And when it does there's such shock and surprise, which I fail to understand. Just because you're on an island, and crime may not make an appearance everyday, or every week for that matter, doesn't mean you'll never be touched.

This carjacking incident took place a couple of months ago, and soon followed reminders that one, especially women, should ensure their doors are locked while they're driving around. Now if you've been doing this all along, then you're golden. But if not, now's the time to start, because you never know when you're going to be a victim. Anywhere.


bermudabluez said...

A very good reminder! Hope all's well with you!!

Iona said...

I agree....better to be safe than sorry...I always make it a point to lock the doors too:)