Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've posted about the Barracuda before, while in Bermuda, but I had none of my snorkel visuals to back it up. Not this time! Here's a lone ranger, venturing out into our neck of the ocean, until my friend chased him away. Well in his defence, he was trying to motion it closer to us. I actually didn't mind that the barracuda swam away as fast as it did, as I only wanted him around long enough for a photo op, which I got. I guess just one barracuda is not so much of a problem, it's the many than encirle you, that makes it one. While it wasn't the clearest of days, I did manage to get a clearer video. Could it have swam away any faster???

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MarkD60 said...

There are no big baracudas in Cayman! When I worked in Hatteras, they were huge! 6 0r 8 feet long with a head a foot wide! And they hang there right next to you and stare while you are doing your deco stops. A lot of them had parasites that looked like red fleas crawling on them, and they would dive and rub against the sand, like they were trying to get them off.

Here they are all baby sized, and they don't hang in schools like I have seen before.