Thursday, April 12, 2007


How many fish have a tune or a song that it's associated with? Ok, maybe Jaws is one but I can think of just one other. The Barracuda! You know the song right? You must. Everyone's heard it. Unless you're of the later generation & are not given to listening to the oldies.

While I haven't seen one live & I'm not sure I want to, the Barracuda is sometimes seen around Bermuda's rocks & but definitely the further out you go. They are known for their fierce looks complete with sharp canine fang like teeth. Just look at it, fierce is right. This was taken at the Aquarium. The song does not do much for the Barracuda's image either as it evokes a sense of mystery, danger & caution. Barracuda's are meat eaters & are highly inquisitive about what swimming in & around their waters. Startle one & it will probably attack you thinking you're prey. But we've been told that Barracuda attacks are no more common that shark attacks. Barracudas are hunted though, not for their meat for for sport.

During one of our snorkel sessions last summer, SharkBoy was all excitement as he spotted a Barracuda just beyond the rocks at John Smith's. He ventured out further after giving us the news to check out this game fish. It wasn't long before he returned saying the barracuda began to circle him & so he decided it was time to leave. But that's not the first time Barracuda's have been spotted in that vicinity. So perhaps a little caution should be exercised when snorkelling
in deeper waters at John Smith's. While Barracudas generally won't attack unless they're provoked, who's to say? Better safe than sorry, right?


Beefheadboy said...
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Beefheadboy, Are you sure you weren't cussing in the water? Maybe the fish are starting to take offense to the foul language. Sorry I couldn't resist! What did your friend do to provoke the triggerfish? Thanks for the comment!

Rcon said...

Yes, better safe than sorry! : )