Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama on the brain

One of my FaceBook contact's status read as follows: "...is glad that today marks the end of an error." Cleverly said.

And I have rightly stolen today's post's title from one of my favourite blogs to read about a precocious four year old boy with PDD-NOS and his adorable sister. And here's one reason why - a post from a couple of weeks ago.

Nik's mom: “Hey kids…mommy has to go to a party tonight so Michelle is going to come over to babysit you two, okay?”

Nik, after thinking for a while: “Barack Obama’s wife?”


bermudabluez said...

It was quite a day in history, wasn't it? That's funny ....Michelle...Obama's wife?? LOL

MarkD60 said...

Obama is truly historical. He is the first president younger than me.

bombaygirl said...

Hey Mscutepants...finally made it over here to see what you were talking about. That's so nice, that little tortoise is one of your favorite blogs. That means a lot!