Monday, January 19, 2009

On the eve

While people back home in Toronto and various sub freezing parts of the US were ringing in the New Year with -20 deg Celsius temperatures, braving the cold waiting for the ball to drop, New Years' here in Cayman was celebrated 'island style' – of course. Sure there were plenty of parties to be had but our first New Years' was celebrated at the beach, with champagne & fireworks. And that is New Years' Eve, island style. Plenty of all three were available for us to appease our senses. The sand was inordinately cool and it felt so good, of course I daren't go in the water at that time of night. Not only would it be cold but who knows what might be lurking beneath the surface. Just kidding, there's nothing beneath the surface but sand and maybe a few corals and rocks embedded here and there, but who'd want to swim in the pitch dark anyway. What was nice about the New Year's in Cayman was that, unlike Bermuda, people brought their own fireworks to share and set off randomly while we awaited the big bang. I pestered Hubby to get some fireworks, seeing as it's been ages since I've set off any of those. But no dice. Hubby was not too inclined to do so and neither was anyone else. Would have been fun! Perhaps next New Years' Eve.

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