Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For Heaven's Sake, Don't Overtake!

It is the unfortunate truth when they say Bermuda's MALE youth are slowing dwindling in numbers. It is also very scary. Motorists and bikers are always warned of speeding and resisting the urge to overtake on one lane roads, which unfortunately is the standard on small islands such as this. So many deaths in Bermuda have been attributed to just this combination of speeding and overtaking and this is no exception to the island's latest fatality. What's worse is the gut renching pain and devastating loss that the family that's left behind has to endure for years to come. When well people ever learn not to speed and not to overtake. Grand Cayman has its
FOR HEAVEN's SAKE, DON'T OVERTAKE signs on the one lane bypass, but you can bet it has been ignored many many times before.

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bermudabluez said...

It IS scary the way people drive those freakin' scooters around the island!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!