Thursday, November 27, 2008


Is it just me or does everyone think up of scenarios that could possibly go wrong when certain details are revealed while conversation with a loved one back home. Is this a sign of growing older, knowing full well that being cautious does not necessarily mean that you're wiser? Or is this something that expats feel more so, when they're cut off from their family back at home? Like as if our presence back home would somehow lend to a 24 hour case of protection of that particular loved one, ironic when you wonder how they managed to stay out of harm's way when you both lived in the same city and yet had different daily agendas. Am I making sense?

Well, let's see, of late, my parents in Toronto could tell me a certain something and WHAM out of now where I am thinking of all these scenarios that could go wrong, which follows up with me telling them to be extra cautious, without saying too much, in the event I'd freak them out. I'd like to point out that I am not psychic but these thoughts inevitably occur at times. Is it just me? Am I on edge? Am I losing it? Wanting to have a sliver of control in this highly unstable world. Maybe it's not a question of control but a question of peace of mind. Or maybe it's just a question of protection, or safety. Safety. That's it! We all just want to be safe. Feel safe. Safety for us, our families, no matter where we are, no matter how far the divide. Feeling safe! Just like everyone in Bombay would like to be feeling right now. I hope my friends & family in Bombay are staying safe. I hope the hostages are set free and this is all resolved with justice rightly served. This is much too sad and much too worrying.

Maybe it's just not me at all...maybe you've been feeling it too. All my expats, all around the world, care to weigh in? I love to know what you think just so I know I'm not going crazy!


bermudabluez said...

Hey! Just stopped by to say I'm thinking of you and praying for your friends and family...


Thank you BB! You're such a good friend. Appreciate it!

Claudia said...

Hi Ms Cute pants,

Well the feeling what you are going thru is what everybody feels as we all are humans who love and care for our family and friends. We get affected with bad things that we hear.

We tend to me more anxious especially for things that happened when we are not around as we dont know the whole scenario and it is difficult to just the situation as we are not there in that moment.

I truly agree with all the emotions running high it becomes very difficult to control ourselves and the safety of our loved ones is always in our minds.

A. Rosy said...

I feel the same. Its not you alone.. Very sad situation. I am in front of the TV without sleep. It is not a joke. But this is life. No one is safe no where. This world is full of evil and killings. Its like birth pangs ... Time for Jesus to come back and establish peace. Let us make the best use of it "Today".
You take care.