Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just Dance

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Cayman Islands National Dance Co. the JUST DANCE show is being held at the Harquail Theatre. Tickets ($20) are available at the door. Future dates and timings are as follows: Oct 5th at 6:00pm, Oct 10th at 7:30pm, Oct 11th at 7:30pm and Oct 12th at 6:00pm if you're a lover of the Performing Arts, this is a must see.
We attended the show held yesterday and were pleasantly surprised with the programme, which had dances old and new, by performers of all ages. And because it was the 20th anniversary they also had a couple of dances by really young kids, one of which was the 'I love my Teddy Bear' dance, performed by 17 little girls, probably of no more than three years of age. Now no photography or videography was allo
wed but I HAD to take a picture of this. Here are the Teddy Bear girls performing on stage in pink little dresses with their teddy bears. Look closer at child #3 from the left. She was so upset that she was onstage, she pretty much stood that way the entire performance. At one point while the rest were dancing in circles, child #2 & 3 look at each other, thoroughly upset, not moving an inch, their expressions conveying their disdain. And while the rest exited the stage at the end of their performance, child #3 just stood there..arms crossed furiously, waiting, watching completely oblivious to the laughs and applause from the audience. She had to be ushered off stage. Priceless! I wish I had taken a video instead because I'd be submitting it to AFV this very instant. This is why I love it when kids perform, you never know what to expect. I can't guarantee she'll do the same at upcoming performances, should you decide to go.


MarkD60 said...

I love to see little kids dance!

bermudabluez said...

Oh! Does this bring back memories! When my daughter was little...about twenty years ago...she was into dancing. She was adorable and did that EXACT same thing and I DO have it on video. Never thought to submit it to AFV. Perhaps I should!!

ms cute pants said...

They always do something unexpected, don't they Mark?

Oh you should submit it BB. In fact I've seen videos like those on AFV and I bust a gut laughing, just like I did this night with this little girl.