Saturday, October 04, 2008

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

To this day, I have never been able to understand sibling rivalry. I have just one sibling, my younger brother, Newt and there is absolutely no sibling rivalry between us, never has been. As a child he'd always copy me and thankfully he hasn't continued this trend into adulthood because he is way more successful than I. Not only can he solve pretty much any darn computer problem, he's a wiz with math and not to mention his writing style can kick mine out the window anyday. I've mentioned numerous times how he should blog but that's never going to happen.

Although, we'd fight a lot growing up (and sometimes still do), it's all forgotten in the next five minutes. We can never be angry at each other for very long, which is a good thing, because he'd be bored out of his mind. Just a few days ago, I was discussing this post with him, since he rarely reads my blog. And as predicted, he pitched a fit about pasting our online conversation on the blog, but thankfully foll
owed that up with a 'Oh but I liked how you called me a lean mean teasing machine.' (!?!?!)

It's his birthday today and even though we are a year and a half apart, I can't believe how
old he is now. I cannot imagine what it would have been like growing up without him, because all his daring boy antics (stupid at times) and all the ridiculous tricks we played on each other made things so much fun. I post this picture of us (him in his leather jacket and all), taken sometime in the 80's. I love this picture because it always reminds me of how much he looked up to me at that age, not to mention how he'd always come running to me to solve his school bullies of a problem. This was also the age where he'd stick to my side as we traveled unaccompanied between Dubai and Bombay, afraid that I might lose him at any moment at the airport or during the transoceanic flight. Stuck to my side, I tell you. So many memories, so little time. Besides, I'd better stop because he hates it when I get all emotional.

Happy Birthday, Bro! I'm so proud of you!!!


Sarah said...

Happy B'day to your lovely bro.
You have said all that we feel about our 'baby' brothers so aptly..and even stopped before you got emotional..hehehe....real cute!
I too couldnt think of growing up w/o my brother...who is 7 years my junior....he has always been and is my best friend...and I feel like I have an older bro in him sometimes.

Take care and keep the posts coming..I love reading your notes..They are so well written :)

Carla said...

How nice! My brother is 20 months younger than I and I agree totally. We never really fought. We were in the 7th and 8th grade choir together and worked on a musical we were putting on. No one could believe that we could be on the same team together (painting props) and not fight. We just looked at each other.

He really never looked up to me, he was much more outgoing than I was and he played some sports so he was more popular but he never minded if I hung out with he and his friends some. It was really nice.I don't talk to him every day or every week but we talk often and just have always got along.

When Guy was a baby his babysitter, who was a close friend of the family, used to argue and disown her sisters or brothers over nothing. I'd ask how they were and she's say something like, there dead to me. I told Brad (my brother) one time that there is no piece of furniture, comment someone makes, did or didn;t do, he/she got more that was ever more important than family. We both agreed and I'm glad about that.

I guess we can both treasure the brothers that we have.

Mom said...

Oh. This is such a beautiful write up, I am so proud of both of you. You made my day sweetie.

bermudabluez said...

You are one brave woman! Posting a pic of you and your bro on your blog that was taken in the 80's!! Seriously, happy birthday to your brother! My brother and I are really not that close. We live far apart from each other and there are eight years between us. There are TWENTY years between my youngest sister and my brother!

Dylan said...

Cho Chweet!!!

(why the blurred eyes?)

ZenDenizen said...

This was a lovely post. It's funny because sibling rivalry was a topic I was going to cover soon on my blog. I get along great with my sister and our "fights" are of the 5 minute variety as well (could it be due to the libran half of the equation, haha). However, my parents are always involved in drama with their siblings and their respective families which puts a damper on most special occasions.

MsStopYourNoise said...

OH this is so nice, It brought tears to my eyes.

Tell Newt happy belated for me.

How are your parents?

The weather here is cold!!!!! Today the high is going to be 77 degrees.

ms cute pants said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!