Friday, October 03, 2008

Cayman water views

It's been gloomy, rainy and thundery the past few days here in Grand Cayman. Thunder like you would not believe. Thunder strong enough to cause the doors to vibrate in this place. And while the relatively cooler cloudier days have been a welcome reprieve from the hot Cayman summer sun (and believe me it's been hot), I thought I'd share some of these fabulous water views with you. There are only so many days that I can handle the gloominess before I begin to crave the sunshine again (this is why I could never live in England). So, except for the cruise ship shot in this collage, all the other shots were taken while on our drive to East End. Gorgeous, eh?


bermudabluez said...

I want to get on a plane right this very minute! It is 52 degrees here right now!! Love the gorgeous views AND your Picasa Collage! Isn't it great?

Yumna said...

The pictures look gorgeous!!! I agree that London can become quite gloomy.