Thursday, October 02, 2008


As of July 2008, Bermuda has implemented a law that all cars need to be electronic registered with TCD (Transport Control Department). What this does is keeps track of all registered cars on the island, but mainly helps the government hunt down unlicensed cars on the island.

Ironically, what this also does is keeps track of who's going where and when. 'Radars' are positioned at certain stops on the island that will electronically read off the tags of licensed cars as they drive by these stops. An infringement of privacy? You betcha! When this plan first came out, many local and expat alike, complained about privacy issues, many citing that this is the government's way of keep track of everyone's coming and goings.

I say fear not, the government, like any government is too darn lazy to be bothered with everyone's business. Yes, there are only 60,000+ residents in Bermuda and this should not be an arduous task for the government should they decide to track everyone, but really, it's Bermuda. They have enough of a backlog with immigration (just hear that a friend got her renewal work permit approved which only took 15 months!), that you can bet the same will take place with the transportation sector. Although...expats need not worry so much. Your name pops up, it's ok because it's practically meaningless to a local bureaucrat. I guess this is why the locals were upset about the new licensing program. I am sure they don't want their very own knowing what they're upto.

So how'd the government do? Well, they managed to collect close to USD $300,000 in the form of fees and fines on unlicensed vehicles, with the aid of the electronic tagging system.

Which begs the question, now that all cars are technically registered on the island, how will the government really use that tagging system going forward? After all isn't the government made up of people. Nosy people?


MarkD60 said...

Did you know that the phone company can track your SIM card in your phone? They can tell which cell phone tower you're closest to, and can triangulate pretty accurately if you're in range of 3 or more towers.

ms cute pants said...

Yes of course, Mark. They can do that anywhere in the world really, unless you've turned your phone off!

bermudabluez said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head! Big Brother is ALWAYS watching!! It'll be interesting to see what they do with the money that they made!