Monday, October 13, 2008


A funny and true Bermudian story:

Ms. X, as we shall call her, is not necessarily a nice person. Her people skills at work (and I'm not saying at who's workplace), is dismal. She is not very popular at all. In fact, she is someone who is known for her mood swings. I'll wager that this charming personality of hers also extends into her personal life and I win. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

Ms. X came in to work one day and was understandably upset about the fact that her home had been burglarised. Many valuable items went missing. Any witnesses? You betcha! Her brother in law, living next door was witness to the entire thing and
here's the kicker - he did not one thing, other than stand and watch the crime in progress and well he did call her to tell her that she'd been robbed after the fact !?!?!

So you have to wonder, how much and what did she do to piss her brother in law off so much, for him not to call the cops or stop the robbery in progress? On a house owned by his own sister in law for Pete's sake. How much hatred was he harbouring that prevented him from picking up that phone and dialing 911? Damn, if family writes you off like this, then what hope is there? Ha! Ms. X did mention that she was furious with her brother in law and with good reason. Seriously? I would not be going around telling everyone that my brother in law was witness to the robbery and did not one thing about it.

I've mentioned before about how Bermudians react better to anyone that being nice, polite and respectful. Be rude or ignorant and they won't hesitate to let you know they don't care for it. Besides doesn't being nice to anyone and everyone go a long way? And it doesn't matter who you're being nice to, right? Well, isn't this story is just proof to show just how far being nice can go, or actually how far not being nice can actually harm you? That and how Karma is a bi*ch!

Care to throw in your two cents?


bermudabluez said...

Hey Thanks for the link!!! I need to check that out. And in regards to this Ms. X - You get more flies with honey than vinegar....right? That's what my grandmother always used to say!

Sarah said...

Re Mrs X - she could be mean vicious evil or whatever she is...but really no one deserves to be robbed. One has got to look beyond this behaviour of hers...she probably comes from a troubled childhood,messed up marriage...etc. So got to cut her some slack and for a change feel sorry for the woman.