Thursday, August 14, 2008

Driving Ms Cute Pants

The car market is quite different here in Cayman than in Bermuda. For one there aren't any restrictions on how many cars one can own (local or expat). But the second hand car market is ruthless here, in the sense that dealers & private owners can get away with charging prices on cars that are at least eight years old - that is one would charge for a two year car in Bermuda. However, registration fees are a lot cheaper here in Cayman than in Bermuda, and cars here are not categorised by classes unlike in Bermuda where it's bigger the car, more the registration fee and insurance premium.

Many here in Cayman go the route of buying their cars in the US and getting them shipped down here. Even with the exorbitant duty and shipping charges, for most it works out cheaper. The downside to this is the waiting time (which is generally at least a couple of months and that the car you get is a left hand drive. Not much fun to drive that on the left hand side of the road here in Cayman. I used to think this would be the most logical thing to do but I now better. I went from driving a left hand drive rental yesterday to a right hand drive car today and although I have to re adjust, it's so much easier.

And I love the fact that Cayman, unlike Bermuda, has more than a hundred radio stations. Plenty of genres of music to choose from. Plenty! After being out of the loop for three years in terms of what's new on the radio, I am catching up quite nicely.

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