Thursday, September 20, 2007

we have a caller

Bermuda has about six FM stations & until recently you couldn't fill up the presets in your car radio because there just wasn't enough to go around. Sure it also has AM stations but as you know, you can't mix it up with your FM stations. And Bermuda sure does looove its Retro tunes. Practically all the stations indulge in the 80's & early 90's music. Let me tell you, I have heard some Michael Jackson tunes I never knew existed! All from his earlier days in the music biz of course. And then there's Gloria Gaynor, 90's Whitney, Luther get the picture. There's a decent amount of Rap, R&B & Pop & some of the latest tunes, but only the most popular ones get airtime. The weekends are a different story. You'll get to hear more of the music of today but it still doesn't cut it. And this is why I have truly lost touch with the hits of today on a larger scale. Here is one place where the satellite radio industry can carve out its niche & a nice big slice at that.

Listening to a contest giveaway this morning on one of the stations reminded me yet again of how small this island truly is. I tuned in just in time & it went something like this:

Host: Hi we're back on the --- & the question is: What is ----?
And we have no calls at the moment. Someone must know the answer. Look it up on the internet & give us a call.

A few seconds later....

Host: Ahh we have a caller. Hello. Do you know the answer?

Caller: Yes I do. The answer is ---

Host: Um no sorry that's not the answer. It's a name that we're looking for. Sorry. Thanks for calling.
Ok we're still looking for the answer & we have no calls lit up at the moment. Ahh wait there's one. Oh, not really, that was just a flicker. OH here we's a caller. Hello, Do you know the answer.

Caller 2: Yes Hi...the answer is ---

Host: That's correct! You got it.

Calller 2: Oh that's great! You know I did look it up on the internet.

Host: Well, you've won today's prize pack of ----
We'll be right back after these messages.

The End...

Just priceless!

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