Monday, August 18, 2008

Bee aware

Here's a Bermuda bee hard at work, pollinating a banana flower. If you love bananas, heck if you love food, love to eat, you'd want the bees to stick around. Remember my previous posts on the plight and disappearance of the bees and how detrimental this is to our survival as a species. Well, scientists have finally figured out what has been causing the global disappearance of bees (which has now spread to Europe), why they are dying off in the field and why their numbers are dwindling in epic proportions. They have figured out the origins of the virus that seems to be killing off the bees in the field. Not surprisingly, this virus originated from greenhouse bees and has spread to the wild bees. You can bet those greenhouse bees caught something not so nice either from that enclosed greenhouse environment or from the pesticides used on the crops they have been pollinating. Not surprising at all. We continue to mess with Mother Nature, and then continue to scratch our heads wondering why she retaliates. When are we ever going to learn not to mess with nature, not to mess with things that are meant to be? When are we ever going to learn to leave well enough alone? Are we paying attention? I hope those scientists have figured out how to fix this, because time is running out for the bees and for us.

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