Monday, June 16, 2008

Which Queen?

The third weekend in June is designated as a statutory (public) holiday in celebration of the Queen's birthday. Much debate has taken place as to which Queen (Elizabeth II, Victoria) this may be, but no one seems to know the answer. Bermuda and Cayman both celebrate this holiday with at least a parade under their hat but honestly, no one really cares it's the Queen's birthday. They're just happy to have an extra day off that makes up another long weekend for the year. What's interesting is that England does not celebrate this particular day and neither does Canada, and people from both countries have remarked on that fact. But what does it matter? Pledging your allegiance to the Queen is one thing, but actually caring enough is another.

I am in Bermuda for this week and am seeing this island with different eyes, especially after being in Cayman for three months. At least I'm trying to. Stay tuned as I am now armed with my brand spanking new Olympus Stylus underwater digital camera, which I plan to use today at my favourite snorkel hot spot. I hope the fish are ready!


Tryangle said...

I think it's only dependent territories of the UK that celebrate the Queen's Birthday in such a manner. Why is that the case?

Solid Snake said...

The island bermuda and Cayman are under the British overseas territory which the Queen is the head, the bday this week is of Queen Elizabeth (2)

Nadine said...

FYI - QEII birthday is actually April 21, however her official birthday is celebrated in June - this year June 16.
You are right - most people don't actually care as long as there is a day off work!!!!

Can't wait for those underwater pics!!!