Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Las Tortugas

Label on a bottle of Cayman Islands' TORTUGA RUM:

The Cayman Islands...originally called Las Tortugas by Columbus, who first sighted them in 1503. His son wrote, "We were in sight of two very small and low islands full of tortoises as was the sea all about, insomuch that they looked like rocks." It is for this reason that the Cayman Islands were originally called LAS TORTUGAS meaning "The Turtles".

These islands became a popular haunt for men like Henry Morgan and Edward Teach, those infamous pirates of old, who undoubtedly were well stocked with kegs
of rum. Rum was the favourite and perhaps the only drink of those adventurers.


Tigerbutt said...

Have you tried the infamous Cayman Island Tortuga Rum cake? It is to die for.

Btw, a good friend of mine is a native to the island. I'm thinking that the island is small and everybody knows each other, so there is a good possibility you may run into him. He is a good looking, blonde, hazel eyed guy that works for the power company. Sadly, he is married and has a son, but keep an eye out for him. :-)


Oh yes I have. Bermuda has got nothing when it comes to Cayman's rum cake. It IS to die for.

So, with regards to your friend, is that all the info I'm going to get? How about a name? Email me!