Thursday, June 12, 2008

Caribbean meter

Bermuda can be very stiff upper lip with their customs and that sense of preserving British culture. When we first moved to Bermuda we awaited the wash of that Caribbean culture to overtake us, but that didn't happen. No sooner than we set foot, we were reminded that Bermuda was in no way a Caribbean island and so we were deigned to adjust our expectations.

Cayman, on the other hand is truly Caribbean.
The music, the food, the atmosphere. Just under an hour away from Cuba, and an hour away from Jamaica, this is what a Caribbean island is supposed to feel like. Don't let the Americanised pop culture/ fast food places fool you into thinking Cayman is anything but. That's just for the tourists. The American tourists. Well, someone's got to make them feel like they're at home away from home, right? (JOKE joke joke - please don't send me comments on how I should not be poking fun at the Americans). Anyway, to get a true sense of any place one has to venture out and meet with the locals, because that's just the way it should be, especially if it is going to be your temporary home.

I had the good fortune of befriending a local girl on my first weekend here on Grand Cayman. Let's call her Piglet from now on. We are now fast friends and I really do call her Piglet, in retaliation to the many names she has for me. Anyway, Piglet's ancestors were one of the first settlers on the island and that makes me feel truly connected to a Caymanian. And has she ever let me in on the big secrets of Cayman. I'm talking nitty gritty, shocking, heartwarming, gumption filled, funniest stories you'll ever hear about this island. I know, it's only been three months and already I've got the low down on Cayman, enough material to keep you wanting and coming back for more.


Buwau98 said...

A fantastic retreat that i could only dream of.

Anonymous said...

nice post Ms.Cutepants :) Very true. Cayman is more Caribbean in all aspects.

Your fortify.


Buwau98: No time like the present to make your dream a reality. Thanks for the comment.

Fortify: Why, thank you! Are you ready?