Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tag, you're it

I've mentioned before how people like to toot at every familiar person driving by on this island. Well, what about when you're on a bike. I've seen the more daring bikers drive up along side each other in perfect symphony and proceed to give each other a high five, or even a knuckle greeting if they've got the moxie and a balancing act to go along with it. And then some even proceed have a conversation. Never mind that it can be challenging to hear each other over the roar of their bikes and not to mention their helmets (padded on the inside) sealing off any chances of hearing any snippets of conversation whatsoever. Reading lips is quite the skill to possess in these cases, but then there's always the chance of crashing into the car ahead of them if they're stealing too long a glance at their 'sidekick'.

Last week as I was driving, ahead of me two bikers proceeded to meet up in this very same fashion. Not to catch up but rather for one to lend a helping 'hand' to another. As one of them drove off carefully, the other extended his hand to the back of his friend's bike to make sure he had a firm grip. His own bike was failing and so he need a 'ride' into where ever he was going. And this seemed to be the way to do it. It's the car equivalent of being, oh say given a boost. But it's not as easy as it looks. Manoeuvring a bike with one hand is a challenge enough, but most local bikers seem to have it down pat. Not to mention some of the stunts we've seen being performed.
Often one can see the Motorola V3 phone cushioned in their helmet as they carry on a conversation while driving. 'Poppin a wheelie' is quite popular as well. Unfortunately, the accidents that occur due to some of these careless routines is far from popular. The most concerned residents can do is shake their heads in the hope that the bikers in question come to their senses. Or if their aunts or momma's friends spot them then a good yelling is what they're in for when they make it to their destination, because if there's one thing I've learned about this island it's that news travels fast, like wildfire.

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