Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hardy har har

A while ago, a childhood friend of mine from India happened to look through the Marine Life Slideshow from when it was first posted. He was mesmerised by the very first picture - the Parrotfish. In response he emailed: Oh, that's really good Photoshop! At first I had no idea what the blazes he was trying to say until I was finally able so ask him directly when he came online a few weeks later. Our conversation was as follows:

H: The marine life slideshow...there is no Parrotfish.

Me: Maybe the slideshow hasn't loaded yet.

H: I meant there is no fish called Parrotfish.

Me: Well, here in Bermuda there is!

H: And this is a digitally edited image.

Me: (Wha...? How dare he say any of my pictures have been digitally edited!) Which image?

H: The Parrotfish.

Me: Ummm...I took that picture.

H: The Parrotfish?

Me: Yes. All those pics are mine.

H: Is it? Seriously?

Me: Yes. They're real fish. Fish I have seen with my own eyes while snorkeling...

H: Well, then...

(Yeah that's right! It's all real! Nothing fake here.)

So H! When I captured this as I overlooked the docks at Flatts Inlet (Yes, the water is that clear), I thought of how skeptical you were the first time around. And so you doubting Thomas here's another to prove that ParrotFish do exist (not only in Bermuda but also in the Middle East). Not to mention they're Bermuda's National Fish.

To those of you who are in the same circle of childhood friends as H & I, you should by now have identified H. I mean, I've given you two
clues already.


rads said...

Donno about H, but I can totally relate to how disbelieving one can get. I mean, if you've never seen a parrotfish, you arent gonna know when you see one.
That aside, how dare he doubt u used photoshop ;-))

bermudabluez said...

Beautiful Fish!!! Love your photos!!

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Rads: I know right?

BB: Thanks! The fish sure are pretty. I've got a couple more errr... up my sleeve.

richard said...

sorry for not posting for so long, was nice to meet you in person, and sorry i was in such a rush to go and watch england play (we lost throwing us out of euro 2008, dont want to talk about it)

a friends 10 year old sister came to visit and we were showing her round tobbacoo bay. she was sooooooo...... lucky to see a muray (6ft long green eel, thats harmless and very rare) but the night before she'd watched the discovery channel about electric eels. She frecked. took an hour and two icecreams to charm her down, but goes goes to prove what we already know. the discovery channel is evil.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Hey Richard! Thanks for coming back. Yes you've been away for a loong time.

I can't believe your friend's sister saw a Moray Eel! And at Tobacco Bay? Where was this exactly? Not by the rocks on the right? Yeah the Discovery Channel is so evil! But so good for you at the same time...