Monday, September 17, 2007

dirty laundry

It's inevitable that when you're away, you're bound to bring back with you a small bag of dirty laundry from your trip. And IF you get pulled in by Customs to have your bags searched, to ensure you're paying duties on everything said, they normally leave the bag of dirty laundry alone. The female officers won't even touch the bag, once they know what it is.

So, why then did the male officer, on my last entry into Bermuda, proceed to not only open my small bag of dirty laundry, but also rifle through its contents?!?!?!?! Seriously! What would I be hiding in there ??? I did tell him: Umm that's dirty laundry. He stopped, looked at me & said: So open at your own risk?

I guess he didn't have a problem going through it. Good thing I had already taken care of most of my laundry in Toronto & all I had was a small bag. I cringe to think of what he would have done if it was a bigger bag. Empty the contents for a thorough inspection???


Adjustah said...

I remember coming back through from Outward Bound with two weeks of dirty laundry from "adventure training" in the sheep-poo covered, soggy mountains of Wales. I opened my bergen and the Custom's Officer blinked and then gagged. Bless her heart, she let every other Outward Bound returning Bermie through without a second glance! :)

rebel girl said...

gah! I've had a similar experience when I was travelling....the looks the officer gave me made me feel that he was one of those perverts who woyuld get a kick by just moving his hands over my used innerwear!