Thursday, September 13, 2007

food from the south

There's a lot more to a country's cuisine than one thinks & knows. If you're one to indulge in ethnic cuisines, know that what you've sampled is probably less than one tenth of what that country actually has to offer. For example, China's cuisine varies vastly from the North to the South & from the East to the West. The same can be said for India. Most Indian food that most are aware of being Indian is mostly north Indian cuisine - tandoori chicken, various curries, that sort of thing. Many don't know about the food that is reflective of the south & I can't even begin to describe it to you. Find a friend from the southern part of India & ask them to take you on a culinary tour. Heck, you can ask me & I'll take you. While I love all aspects of Indian cuisine, I am now more partial to South Indian food, because it's not available in Bermuda. None of the Indian restaurants here cater to South Indian food & I think everyone here is missing out big time. Most of the Indian population that has recently moved to Bermuda in the last year or so are from Southern India (they all seem to come from Chennai aka Madras), are vegetarians & none are too happy about the Indian cuisine here in Bermuda.

I quickly tired of hearing about my parents going for South Indian food in Toronto when they did. I knew I was missing out on a lot. And so while in Toronto last week, I told my family that I was craving South Indian food & that's where we need to go. That's the only place I'll go. Of course, they acquiesced. During our mouth watering dinner at Saravana Bhavan (I had the Paper MasalaDosa), I explained my cravings for the food from the South. I said to them, "The problem is that there are no South Indian restaurants. There really should have a restaurant that caters to South Indian cuisine especially since there are now a lot more South Indians in Bermuda than before." My brother Newt responded, "The real problem with Bermuda is that there are all those South Indians." I couldn't help but laugh. Of course, he was joking. Relax, all you South Indians. Technically, we too are from the south.

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