Tuesday, September 18, 2007

acts of vandalism

I fail to comprehend the point of one indulging in vandalism. Surely there's a more effective outlet of trying to get one's point across. The one act that sticks out most in my mind is the vandalism on gravestones in various Toronto graveyards a few years ago. Toppling over headstones belonging to the departed of the Jewish faith, was enough to outrage the city, on what came to be considered a hate crime & no doubt blasphemous. The perpetrators were finally arrested & they were teenagers.

Bermuda is not spared from acts of vandalism either. It's known for its golf courses, drawing the rich, the powerful & the everyday man. There are quite a few of them on the island too. Tiger Woods was confirmed to play in the PGA Grand Slam tour next month set to take place here in Bermuda, until he recently backed out citing personal reasons such as wanting to spend time with his family. So, as the Mid Ocean Golf Course prepares to continue the tour without Tiger, there arises another hiccup that they have to cure with water. Literally! Part of the easily accessible golf course's green grass is now marred with the giant letters 'qlq' as someone took liberties with an aerosol can of some sort. Now while this can be salvaged & somewhat repaired in time for next month's tour, it won't be restored to its previous perfect state. Who would do something like this? Do they not care about their country as it begins to host a major event whose participants & crowds could not only benefit the tourism industry but an event that would also draw international attention?

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