Thursday, September 27, 2007

consulate matters

The American Consulate in Bermuda is on a fairly large premises, located on Middle Road on the way into Hamilton. I won't up an address here because you won't miss it driving by. Just look out for the armed guard at the gate. It's practical that the US has a fairly large consulate here. Many American tourists & Bermuda's close proximity to the US demands that there be one on the island.

The Canadian Consulate in Bermuda, on the other hand, is practically non existent. Many are not even aware that there exists one. If one were to Google it, they'd eventually end up with the link that says 'The Canadian Consulate in New York is responsible for relations with Bermuda'. But we do have one here. It's small & it's in town. Now, I've never been there but have had many ask me where it is & I've had to look it up several times, so much so that I've committed it to memory. It's at 73 Front Street in Hamilton & the contact details are available in the Bermuda White Pages. I don't know how long the Consulate has been around, but it may be a new office established after the rising number of Canadian expats on the island in recent years. Needless to say, it's nice to know that there is one around for when you need it.


Mike said...

Yeah for having someone to bail you out when you accidentally set off an international incident.

But I guess it would be even better if you had done it on purpose!

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Ahh Mike..are we speaking from experience here? Something The Boss Lady may not know about? ;)

Mike said...

I wish. That would surely give me something worth blogging about.

I haven't been far enough outside of the USA to have any real international impact. But there is always next year!