Wednesday, October 03, 2007

custodial rights

Only in Bermuda will a song on the radio be interuppted to announce that Britney Spears has lost custody of her two sons. Honeslty, do we care? If she were a non celebrity, an average Jane, she'd have lost custody of her children a long time ago, just based on the photographic evidence, courtesy of the paparazzi. I'm not going to go into details because I don't really care to, even though I've been keeping up to date. The radio host, however, was apparently blithely unaware of the facts & was upset that custody was awarded to the 'ex-huband'. Apparently this was a huge no no in her books. Never mind that the ex-husband is in actuality not just the ex-husband but the father who has so far displayed a more than mature attitude than his counterpart, which by the way wasn't even brought up during the impromtu interruption.

Just a thought - is it then common opinion that fathers are unfit to have sole custody of their children, that it's impossible for men to be primary caregivers? That in no way should custody be awarded to the ex-husband/father, should he be a responsible one. Who then should the custody of children be awarded to? Grandmothers? Aunts? Uncles? Where are the responsible fathers' custodial rights in all of this?

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Oliver said...

Apparently society is still just as sexist as ever. Not only are women demeaned as objects of desire, but men are vilified and deemed as unfit to raise children by default!

Aah.. and all is with the world as it should be. LOL! :)))