Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a shopper's paradise?

Most of the clothing stores for women in Bermuda are mid to high end boutiques, catering much to the middle aged woman. This seems to be the largest demographic on the island & of course, companies would want to cater to this demographic to maximize their market share & profit. And while there are a couple of department stores, like Gibbons & A S Cooper, these also cater much to the women in their late 30's & beyond. There's not much in the way for those in their 20's or early 30's. This is why most my age, locals & expats, prefer to update their wardrobes with the latest fashions while they're away on holiday or on a trip back home. The price point, variety, quality & let's not forget availability just can't be beat. And let's not even think about outlets for now. It would be imagination overload.

But hey, if you're a middle aged woman in Bermuda in need of clothes, roll up those sleeves, because there's plenty of bargains to be had, much wardrobe upgrading to be done & a state of bliss to be suspended in, even if only for a while.

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