Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was at the library yesterday, getting a new library card because the old one has lost its bar code magic. The librarian looked at me & said: "You have 11 books out?!?!?" (The limit's only six). I feigned innocence.

Can I tell you though, six is not enough. Not for me who's been used to the 50 book limit back in the T(dot). OK, so I never had 50 books taken out at any one time, but it was nice to have that option. Downsizing is never a good thing. So, six is definitely not enough. No sirree. Not by a long shot.

Besides, what with Bermuda & the six number limit anyway?
The six library book limit.
The six year term limit for expats.
The six month probation.

Any more sixes out there on 'de rock'?


richard said...

6 days of the week, that you can buy booze

Ian said...

I didn't realize ex-pats could only live on the island for six years? Does this apply to Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta-Jones as well? ;)


~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

It's a new rule, Ian. Unless you're an employee in a designated key position, 6 years is now the limit.
And as for Michael & wife, I am sure he's got Bermudian status! I believe his kids go to school here. Or so I've heard...