Thursday, July 19, 2007


A conversation a couple of days ago with a couple of Bermuda residents about those persistent, truly unwanted critters (roaches) invading our space. (I'm not going to name names...and no it's not us).

Lady: Yeah, I found one big one the other night. A female. You can tell cause it flies.

Man: Yeah, she went to kill that thing with Baygon & sprayed too much. You're only supposed to spray a little you know. Baygon's very powerful & banned in most countries. You're not even supposed to be in the same room after you've sprayed. Sprayed so damn much it went in my nostrils. Made me woozy.

Lady: Well, you slept well that night, didn't you?

Me: (chuckle chuckle)

Man: Well, yeah. I was knocked out! You sprayed so much.

Lady: Well, you didn't even wake up once! Slept well, didn't you? So did I. All through the night.

Man: Sprayed so damn much.

Me: (still chuckling)

So, what's the lesson here. All you insomniacs, forget about Ambient & all those other sleeping pills & try your luck with Baygon.


Broom said...

God i HATED that sucker. when I was in the US i bought a bug-killer type spray and was shocked at how there was NO odour at all.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Tell me about it, Broom...That's what I can do without & the world too I think...roaches & pigeons...useless creatures.

Baygon is banned in Canada but was available in India & Dubai when I was a kid. Probably still is. Can you imagine?

The other American brands over here are 'scented' !!!! Everything's has to smell nice...

Adjustah said...

Ahhh, Baygon - killing cockroaches and people for over 30 years!