Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the dogi pot

For many owning a dog comes with a chore that is perhaps not the best of chores. Many don't see it as a chore for they love their dog that much. Comes with the territory, they say. But what if you've never had a dog, always wanted one & somehow ended up dog sitting. Well, it's a chore now. I am talking about the 'Scoop the Poop' chore. Some of you reading this are thinking, 'Scoop the what? Well, I never!' Well, let me tell you...

Growing up in Dubai, back in the day (and I do mean back in the day), taking your dog out for a walk was not a chore. Bushes & grass were aplenty before the days of massive high rises & architectural marvels, letting your dog do its business in the grass meant no clean up. Now, I never had a dog but my friends did, so that's my source.

When we moved to Canada, our neighbour had the cutest Shitzu & during the summer I volunteered to take her out for a walk during the day. Well, my mom had a field day with the whole scoop the poop policy. I was the target of many many jokes among my family including 'fresh of the boat' uncles & aunts, none of whom were dog owners. Yet! And it was not a pretty job, scooping that poop! But it's the law & a good one at that. Although it would make me irate while walking in the park & coming across that which someone clearly failed to abide by the law. What's their excuse? Oh I forgot a baggie. Oh it's too darn cold.

A few weeks ago, I was at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens & came across the Dogi Pot & I was impressed. What a way to motivate someone to clean up after their dog. Now this is what Toronto needs at every park! You can bet the tax payers will be paying for this but then those with the 'I forgot a baggie' excuse will now longer have an excuse. Dubai now has a scoop the poop policy too. So, maybe they need a Dogi Pot too! But look closer at the pic, it says: A clean solution to dog pollution. I had no idea dogs were polluters. Damn, those mutts get blamed for everything. Poor poochies...


UncleAfro said...

ET was watching a dog owner taking the pet for a walk. ET had never seen such a thing on it's planet. The dog went ahead and the owner followed at a short distance. The dog took a right turn, the owner did the same. The dog took a left turn, so did the owner. The dog stopped so did the owner. The dog pooped and the owner, you guessed it, scooped immediately.

ET sent a report of this to its planet through it's wireless network.

"The two legged slaves follow the four legged masters everywhere. The two legged slave has no choice on which route to take. The four legged master decides where to go. The four legged master does not wear restrictive garments but the two legged slave seems to be forced to cover his nakedness. I must say the two legged makes a very attentive slave. As soon as the four legged master passes motion the two legged slave comes running and cleans after the master. Looks like on this planet, the number of legs determine who the boss is"

So nearly accurate eh ?

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Yes, this is the joke I heard so many times during my dog walking summer days....Sigh!