Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bermuda's list

I don't know who made this list up but I stumbled upon it & it's too funny not to share. My favourites are the ones in bold


  • You know that Ginger Beer is much better than Ginger Ale
  • You say “inna?” after almost every sentence
  • You know the deeper meaning of “Johnny Barnes for Premier”
  • Homegrown is your favorite live act
  • You’ve pondered why we have two roads called “Middle”
  • You know the difference between Hamilton and Hamilton Parish
  • You know people with names like Trimingham, Bean, Trott, King, Ming, Ratteray, Foggo, Minors, Furbert, Talbot, Lightbourne, Gosling, Tucker, Dill, Tuzo, Simons, Simmons, Gibbons, Conyers, Crisson, Fox, Lambe, and Ray.
  • You know the difference between a Bermudian and a St. David’s Islander
  • You like the taste of alcohol
  • You have an “Ace Boy” or “Ace Gurl”
  • you have been called “Hamma” or “Bird” by a senior citizen
  • You have used the word round-a-bout when giving directions
  • Your house has a name
  • You’ve seen a purple house
  • You know the location of the world’s smallest Draw Bridge
  • 30 minutes in a car is a stretch!
  • Every land line phone number you know begins with 2
  • You’ve only ever bought gas from Shell or Esso
  • You know the significance of the colours “Blue n Blue” and “Red n Blue”
  • You use a car horn to say hello
  • Even your grandmother drives over the speed limit
  • You fully understand the difference between Town and Country
  • You know 90% of your country’s population
  • Instead of Tipsy, Drunk, and Pissed; you say Half-Hot, Shree-Quartas, and Full Hot
  • You have ever bought a Christmas tree, shirt, fish, or lobster out of a truck on the side of the road
  • You know that Sunkist came in five flavours
  • You consider Suzanne Holzhouser a celebrity
  • You have survived both droughts of water and Corona
  • There is a certain shade of blue that will always be burned in your memory as “Four Star Pizza Blue”
  • Makin Waves, Four Star Pizza, Lindo’s, The Market Place, and Mr. Chicken are major corporations
  • Dark n stormy isn’t just a term to describe the weather
  • You’ve been drinking since you could hold a bottle
  • It's not summer for you until the cruise ships block the view of the harbour
  • You don’t swim until 24th may (at the earliest)
  • You can say ‘yes der lova’ to a guy and its not gay at all
  • You understand the difference between “Mix” and “Straight”
  • You can make de nip on de rodent… and know what that means
  • you can parallel park in 5 seconds flat - because otherwise guys would yell “You’re some sort a fossy?”
  • The “Wildcat” is the closest you’ve ever come to a roller coaster
  • Harbour Road is your Route 66
  • There’s not enough radio stations to fill the preset buttons on your car stereo
  • You’ve been ripped off by Leisure Time at least once
  • You can identify a tourist without even talking to them
  • You can wear pink shorts with knee socks and still feel manly
  • You know that “up” is west and “down” is east
  • You’ve lived through at least one hurricane and therefore the names Felix, Emily, Fabian, and Florence all have a deeper meaning to you
  • Hurricanes are your Snow Days
  • You don’t trust indicators on bikes cause you know di bye jus’ forgot to shut it off
  • You have the ability to string sets of words into multi-syllabic masterpeices such as “duneinvorrywiffit”
  • You replace ur v’s with ur w’s and vice versa (vacuum is prounoced wacuum and volleyball is wolleyball)
  • You know Sonny
  • You’ve risked your life climbing a weak tree that’s in someone else’s yard to reach that juicy loquat
  • You have no friends, but ya got plenty much mates, mate!
  • Every cell number you know begins with 3, 5, or 7
  • "The Beach” has two definitions
  • The closest you’ve ever been to Africa is Cafe Cairo
  • You break ya neck just to watch the Ambulance or Police Car go past you
  • You slow down or stop to help at car accident scenes
  • That cockroach was as good as dead, but then that son of a bitch started flying and u were ‘on ur horse’ and outta there
  • You’ve made the run
  • You’ve been suspended for a pre-math Dark and Stormy
  • Exercise is an affert
  • You don’t “live” anywhere, but you “stay” somewhere on di rock
  • You correct someone’s grammar but you’re both wrong.


Adjustah said...

Nice to see the list getting around and also nice to see another Bermuda blogger. Enjoyed your posts, will be back. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Aha, coming from another Island, I actually knew some of these! sh

Mike said...

I know nothing of Bermuda except from your blog.

But I can certainly appreciate the last item on this list. It is true in Texas, too.

bermudabluez said...

I can relate to the ones in bold! But, apparently, I have not spent enough time there to appreciate some of the others...