Thursday, June 07, 2007

bermuda's political side

Many a times I'd like to talk about Bermuda's nitty gritty, but something holds me back. While blogs are a fabulous medium to express thought, educate oneself & broaden one's horizons, it can also be spell trouble for the author, depending on the content & location. I've heard of a case where a job offer was withdrawn after the employers came across the candidate's blog & were none to happy about the post with regards to the city that they were based in. Ridculous, I know!

Stat Counter is a unique site that tracks all you lovely visitors to my site. Worry not, other than the most rudimentary of info, I know nothing about you. Or so I'd like you to think! Of course I'm joking. The site actually does a great job of recording visitors that have come via any google searches. One particular search caught my attention - 'Expat fear in Bermuda'. Now while I'm apt to steer clear of any posts of a political nature, it's not due to expat fear but more so a precautionary measure. I have to say the general feeling due to a few incidents, freedom of speech is becoming somewhat of an issue among expats here in Bermuda. But I think that's just expat life, no matter what. Unless you're in Canada. You can say anything you want & we'll still be polite about. It's the Canadian way!

However, to give you an idea of what goes on in the political arena in Bermuda, I did stumble upon some very well written blogs by the island's very own. Sensitive issues like race discrimination, expats vs locals, Bermuda's politicians & their policies both proposed & implemented make for very interesting posts. A list has been compiled below & also appears on the left under OTHER BERMUDA BLOGS. Happy reading!


richard said...

I have a couple of other web pages to suggest……..
Bermuda sucks, is good web page especially the forum. Were you can ask any question.

Limey In Bermuda, This a was very brilliant, very popular and very oppionated site that sadly closed about 6 months ago following a pressure campaign by various groups. But you can still search through the old post to get a flavor of how things are.

Freedom of speech,,…….. aye Bermuda can be a funny place.
You do have to be careful about what you say to certain people. Sadly because of this I sometimes try to avoid Bermudians, what’s the point in have a discussion with someone if you can’t be honest?

Ms. Cute Pants you lived as an expat in Bombay, Dubai, were things any different there??

J Starling said...

Hi Ms. CutePants,
I just found this site via Denis' site and your comment on it. The Progressive Minds site should also be included in your list; as crazy as some posters on it can be, it is still an intere4sting learning experience to say the least.

To Richard, I'm sorry that yor experiences so far have been to such a degree you feel like no longer really engaging with Bermudians. I know what you mean though. But it is a loss for both of us.

Adjustah said...


Good point - BermudaSucks (despite the name) is indeed a great place for discussion and is now the home of many ex-LIBers. I do miss Phil's Friday caption competitions.


Don't be so modest - Catch a Fire should also be included.(

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Gentlemen, Thanks for the comments!

Richard, Thanks for the Bermuda Sucks link. I was trying to find it the other day but to no avail. Limey's site is already on my list.
Honestly, you have to watch what you say to anyone here, expat or locals. We love mixing around with both groups & have been welcomed by some lovely Bermudians here on the island, who've made us part of their family. We're adopted as they like to say! We do like mingling with them for there is no better way to experience the island's culture firsthand. Dubai was my only place of residence as an expat (well my parents were the expats). However, Dubai's expat to local popn ratio is 80/20%, but even so expats are careful about what they say. The only difference from then & now is the presence of blogs & so a lot more is expressed & made known.

J Starling & Adjustah, Thanks for the info on the blogs. Will look into it.

And Welcome! I am glad to have Bermudians visiting my blog!

DeOnion said...

Thanks for the link... seems the other guys have covered things for now.