Thursday, May 17, 2007

happy hour

The common misconception is that the island life is an idyllic life. But for many expats it's all in a hard day's work. Depending on who & whom you work for, your days can be long & many a time working on the weekends tends to be somewhat of a weekly routine, all with unpaid overtime. So, when Friday comes around, regardless of whether you're going to be working on the weekend, it's time to let loose. And Friday's Happy Hour is just the place to do that. Never mind that you may show up for work on Saturday with a slight hangover. Besides if you're not getting paid to be there on the weekend, does the state of one's mind really matter? Hotels & restaurants convert their outdoor spaces into an oasis of drinks, finger food & music. It's the place to meet, greet & network (for your own personal interests, of course). It's definitely the place to be to catch up with friends or especially if you're single & looking to meet someone special. (I've been told that this is the place where singles go to scout each other out). And why not? An island romance is just the right touch that can balance those work/life scales. Really, can there be a better setting?

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Racquel said...

I agree with you when you said that hotels seem to be the place where singles "scout each other out" lol... witty! witty! anyway, I think living in an island is a real adventure.. :) enjoy!