Thursday, May 17, 2007

an informal party

The traditional office Christmas party is being rescheduled by many companies to a better suited time, the middle of the year. There are many reasons that companies are starting to adopt this change. Some speculate that an office party should not be linked to Christmas & so should not be called as such. But on this highly religious largely Christian island, I can't see that as being one of the reasons, especially when Grace is said before the buffet is opened for the evening (I was a bit surprised about this too). Others state the reason for the change is so that everyone is more likely & available to attend during the middle of the year as most leave the island during the Christmas season & are MIA.

Regardless of when it's held, I love the informal atmosphere of the formal office parties held here in Bermuda. Skits that mock the very essence of what the company is about or how efficient employees really are
during work hours is a fresh take especially when the head honchos are present. And let me tell you, names are definitely dropped during the skit, but it's all in good fun. Discarding any inhibitions of office etiquette all the while not going overboard is a perfect medium of how one really ought to enjoy their company's annual bash.

And while companies do expect a certain modicum of behaviour, we've heard some horror stories of employees gone wild, dancing on table tops, crashing down & not leaving a very good impression of themselves & their ablility (or should I say inability) to handle their liquor. It's a rude awakening the next morning & a tough lesson learned when heading in to work on Monday morning.

This is why I can't ever have more than a couple of drinks. I really don't have a high threshold for alcohol & I wouldn't want to be known as that drunk person at the party. Besides, in my state of stupor, I could never trust myself to not do or say something ridiculous which would definitely come back to bite me, sometime or another.

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Racquel said...

parties should be that way! acting crazy sometimes lessen the stress of work... I confess! I'm guilty of that! :)