Friday, March 16, 2007

march break madness

March break is an exciting time for kids & their parents as they leave the still persistent winter & head to warmer destinations such as Florida, the Caribbean & Bermuda for a week of fun in the sun. So, the island has had quite a few March breakers this week. Whilst at the beach, we noticed a some college students enjoying the fine weather we've been having. Dying to go in the water but hesitant to do so, at first anyway. But they did, eventually, even though the water was not warm enough to warrant a swim in Bermuda's beautiful blue. Hey, it may be warm enough for them but it's definitely not warm enough for us residents.

May 24th, also known as Bermuda Day is the official day that Bermudian men don on their Bermuda shorts for the rest of the summer. It's also after that date that most Bermudians they tend to venture out into the water. Hubby & I don't wait that long, though. The water is too tempting, beckoning us at every turn on South Road. So, we tend to do a couple of tests runs before the 24th & might I say it works out just fine, every time!

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