Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the 2 year mark

As of Monday, it's been two years for us here in beautiful Bermuda. Neither of us noticed the anniversary date & I don't know how that happened. But in taking a moment now to look back at the past, I remember the most pressing thing that we were worried about when we first landed - finding a decent apartment & having about a month to do it in. Since Hubby had already started his then new job two days later, the onus was on me. I had to be proactive as soon as e-moo posted their rentals for the day because the good ones would be snatched up before I'd even had time to blink.

Due to the huge demand, landlords are able to be picky & choosy about whom they want renting their space.
Words like 'Professional non-smoking couple' are ones that landlords like to hear. A question we'd often get asked is if we're married. You see as Bermudians are very religious, there are some that refuse to rent to unmarried couples. Being betrothed does not count either. Of the 10 apartments we looked at, only two ventured to ask about our marital status. Two that I can remember.

if you have pets it is difficult to find a one bedroom rental. Dogs or cats, it doesn't matter. You will more than likely have to rent a two bedroom house which can cost an upwards of $3,000 USD per month or houseshare. So, if you're planning on bringing the beloved canine or feline family member, I'd suggest you leave it behind. The move & the transition will be a lot less aggravating for all parties involved, meaning you & the pet. It's not so easy for your pet to adjust to a new place, a new sub tropic environment especially while you are away at work for the better part of the day. Friends have also told me that dogs here catch fleas fairly easily & the vet visits here don't come cheap if your pooch or kitty needs to make a trip to the doctor.

For the most part, however, if you do get a place with an ocean view, it's a good thing. For those of you looking to move to Bermuda & would like to have a clearer picture of the rental market, here's the link. Good Luck & Happy Hunting!


Craig & Jodie Parker-Weeden said...

Hi there,
I found what you wrote very intersesting however you don't happen to know anything also about bringing children with you to Bermuda do you . We have a 3 yr old and a 12 month old and there is not that much information at all about the subject. I have read you can only bring 2 children with you once you are there however you can have more. I would really love to hook up with another mother who is there just to ask some of the questions I have . Is there anywhere you can possibly direct me? Also our other big question is How do you choose between Beruda or The Cayman islands???? There is nothing out there comparing teh 2 and y husband is in teh finance industry and these 2 places are the best for him work wose. Thanks again and sorry for to many questions. Jodie (An Australian living in the USA with an American husband and our 2 children).

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Hi Craig & Jodie,

I don't have children yet & so unfortunately cannot give you much info on the subject, except I will tell you that it is more expensive when you're here with the kids. A 2 bedroom rental starts at $3,000

Schools are a different matter. From what I've heard an ex-pat can enroll their child in a public school, depending on the area but would have to be on a waiting list. Once you have one child in that school, getting in the sibling is a lot easier. Private schools are of course quite expensive & you are sometimes on the waiting list for that too. At times your Bda employer can help out with gaining admission.

I've heard that daycare is cheaper than the US but not necessarily of a better quality. I don't really know any expat couples with children here in Bda, so unfortunately cannot provide you with any more info on that.

With regards to Cayman & Bda...I have heard that the Cayman Islands has far fewer restrictions that Bermuda does. For ex: Bda now has a 6 year term limit for expats working on the island, after which depending on the job most likely you'd have to leave. You can re-enter the island after 2 years. Cayman has no such restrictions & is much more open...Although this is what I have heard.

If you email me your email address at & I can perhaps forward you info that I come across in the near future.

Good Luck!