Saturday, March 17, 2007

aww shucks

Cricket fever is everywhere! Thursday's match between Sri Lanka & Bermuda yeilded a win for Sri Lanka. The only reason I know this is because friends were talking about it, asking me if I watched it. Umm no. But maybe I should, eh ?

I called my maternal grandmother's brother (Uncle Lewis) today. He's the big 75 today & the only one left from his generation. He's also the only 75 year old I know who still rids his scooter! The entire family ganged up on him with birthday wishes from the seven countries that we're spread out in. During our conversation he told me he's been watching the cricket cup matches. Of course, being born & brought up in India & still residing there, he's ought to be an avid cricket fan. He said Bermuda's been playing pretty well (which I don't know much about). But I have to say that definitely put Bermuda on the map. I am sure more are aware now of where Bermuda's proximity is to the rest of the world & they'll probably be amazed - tiny island in the middle of nowhere.

Uncle Lewis did mention that every time he sees Bermuda on the screen or its team mentioned, he is reminded of me. Awww shucks! So now I HAVE to start watching the matches. Or at least I feel I have to...

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