Tuesday, November 28, 2006

turtle love

Bermuda has recently celebrated the return of its loggerhead turtles after three decades of no show from the waters around the island. It was thought that the loggerheads had gone extinct as one had not been seen for years. Until last summer. The return of the loggerheads signifies a change for the better - environmentally.

However, caution is still required. One of the major pollutants is the plastic bags or balloons found in the ocean. Once let go, helium filled balloons, eventually pop & end up in the ocean. Unbeknownst to them, turtles think that the balloons or plastics are food & of course ingest them. Unfortunately, these inedible items are unable to pass through the turtles' system & so become permanently logged in the their system resulting in bloating. This further gives rise to infections or of the turtles eventually dying of starvation. It's a sad fact.

lly, I love turtles (I have yet to spot one while I'm snorkelling but all in good time). And what's not to love? Who can forget Squirt from Finding Nemo - my favourite character. In reality, this species has a lifespan going well into the 100's. Seeing a tiny baby turtle making it's way into the ocean to forage for itself - that's a major feat. Add to that the ability to survive in the vast ocean for a couple of centuries. It is no one's fault but our own that we have begun to invade & damage their habitat with our rubbish, contributing to their disappearance & decline. The government has been urging it's residents to dispose off plastics responsibly & to be ever so mindful before indulging in helium filled balloons. The time has come to be environmentally responsible. Lets give the turtles a helping hand, shall we?

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