Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Know what I miss? Coconuts! The big green kind pictured here. The kind where you cut the top off, gulp down the liquid & then scoop out the jelly inside. When left on the tree long enough, the liquid dries up, the jelly hardens. Most don't know about the jelly when it's in the soft stages (and when I say most, I mean most non-brown people), but the jelly is the best part. Yum! I can attest to that. So if you're ever in a tropical country & are presented with one of these, I recommend you take advantage of it. Not only are they delicious, but soothing for your system, especially for that common problem that ails most when travelling.

During our Indian holiday, we indulged in one of these everyday. They were a dime a dozen. Ok, maybe not, but they were the equivalent of a dime each. In Cuba, however, the cost was nada - but only because we were at a resort & the property caretakers would ever so kindly chop one down at our request. They were surprised, however, when we'd ask to crack it open after, to dive into the jelly. I guess they figured we'd have not known about it. Others began to follow suit (other non-brown, non Spanish people). And we loved educating the masses. Anyway, I thought Bermuda would have an abundance of these coconuts - being a tropical island and all. We went a year without spotting any coconut trees because the island predominantly hosts palm trees. More specifically, palmetto palm trees. Doesn't do a lot of good in my opinion. Ok, so maybe it provides shade, cleans the air & bears fruit that's used in pig feed but I haven't seen a pig on the island & it still doesn't bear coconuts.

But lo & behold, we at last spotted a couple of coconut trees & right on our street too. Guess we weren't paying attention before. The problem is that it's on private property. Add to that, these coconuts are pretty high up. The one pictured is just about ready & I actually stood there for a few seconds hoping it would fall off so I could claim it for my own. Sigh, better luck next time, eh? Maybe!

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