Monday, November 27, 2006

the spanish rock

Taking advantage of the hot weather this past weekend, Hubby & I went 'hiking' by Spittal Pond atop to the Spanish Rock. The trail itself is rich with local flora & trees that encompasses you as you make your way through. As usual, the views are nothing short of spectacular. The Spanish Rock greets us, perpetually stationed, firmly grounded & exposed to the elements, it awaits for smooth hands to run over the inscription it bears.

A sign not too far from the rock reads:

'One of the earliest signs of human visitation on Bermuda, this deeply carved rock inscription bear
ing the date 1543 was originally believed to have been carved by Theodore Fernandino Camelo who was given a grant by the King of Spain to colonize Bermuda. However, there is no other evidence that Camelo fulfilled his purpose. Historians now believe that it may have been carved by survivors of a Portuguese vessel which was stranded on Bermuda for 60 days in 1543. Under this interpretation the initials are believed to be R.P. = Rex Portugaliae followed by the cross of the Portuguese Order of Christ.
The bronze cast made from a lead mold taken in 1893 now caps the site of the original carving. which was destroyed by weathering and vandalism before 1940.'

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