Tuesday, November 21, 2006

toe talk

One of my favourite things about Bermuda? It's almost December & I can still wear open toe shoes/sandals. Those who know me, really really know me, know how much I'd rather wear open toe shoes all the time. I hate having to wear regular shoes & will avoid doing so as much as I can. I've been known to be stubbornly attired in my open toe shoes even in the dead of Canada's winter. And I love walking barefoot (no not like Britney Spears who took barefoot liberties while making trips to public washrooms).

In my case, is it style before comfort? Doesn't it seem so? It’s actually the other way around. I have wide feet (thanks dad!) & this makes me adverse to any sort of restriction placed on my toes because the darn shoes start to pinch after a while. Fortunately shoe stores are now beginning to increase their wide toe selection to the market to cater to ones like me. Apparently there are lot of us out there.

But old habits die hard. It was no surprise when my good friend Kate, snidely stated last winter: So you're still wearing sandals. Sensing mockery on her part, I replied: Course I am, it's Bermuda & it's warm, so why the heck not.

So if you're like me & love the foot freedom, then come on over to my side where you can get away with exposing your toes all winter anytime, even with the a/c running at work.

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