Friday, November 24, 2006

make me an offer

Ex-pats & Bermudians alike prefer to buy most of their necessities off the island. For ex-pats it's the trips back home that have them scurrying to cross items off their shopping list. For most Bermudians it's a vacation/shopping trip all rolled in one. But what do ex-pats do with their collected wares when they're ready to move back home permanently? This is where the 'Leaving the Island Sale' comes in. There's also a site where these items & many more tangibles can be advertised for sale.

It's called e-moo. e what?
Oh sure it sounded funny to me the first time I heard it too but it grows on you. So what is e-moo? It's a local website that features hoards of items for re-sale. Anything goes from appliances to baby items to electronics & even cars! Items that are brand new, some barely used & most in good condition. Most sell off their used merchandise at practically the price they paid for it x number of years ago. And if you do manage to buy something, you can pretty much sell it for the same price when you're ready to leave. There's something good coming out of having to pay duties on everything that's brought on the island. And even so, many a good deals have been procured via e-moo. It's like depreciation doesn't quite exist in Bermuda.

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