Sunday, October 01, 2006

looks can be deceiving

This is Bda's Green Moray Eel, no not a snake. Looks pretty sinister, doesn't it? When encountered at close range, it opens it mouth in retaliation making it look even more so, like it's about to attack you & inject it's venom (yes it does have venom). Scarier than a shark. What would you do if you ever came across a fish like this while you're in the water? Panic? Scream? Just looking at it makes you want to squirm & look away. It's definitely not a pretty sight.

In actuality, the 7 feet long Green Moray Eel is more afraid of us that we are of it. It's shy, near-sighted (I never knew fish could be near-sighted) & a nocturnal fish, which is why you will never encounter it if you're in the ocean by day. Nature has given this eel it's best defence by bequeathing it looks & colour that can set anyone who doesn't know about it's true nature, swimming away for their life. Oh, and the Moray eel's venom is not posionous. Just thought I'd leave you with that comforting fact.


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