Friday, September 29, 2006

sassy smoochie

Since our GA visit, Hubby's niece, Smoochie has been keeping in touch with us via email & Google talk. She's only six but a regular internet hog. This child can send emails left right & center & neatly typed out too. Her brother, ThePoser - not so computer attached. He'd much rather spend his free time in front of the tube. But when they're both online they sing us the funniest songs (our favourite - The Rum Song, which I am trying to post on the blog), they say the darndest things & just make us laugh. Since they've both been back at school it's not often that we get to chat with them of late. Bedtime routine commences 20:00 EST.

However, last night Smoochie was online. Ordinarily, she'd send us an email & just wait for her inbox to reflect our reply & in the meantime bombard her mom with questions - "Have they replied yet? Why are they not replying? What's taking them so long?" Last night she just waited.

She asked her mom: "Well, what are they doing to make them too busy to be online?"

Smoochie's mom (after a hearty laugh): "You know not everyone has time to be on the computer all the time."

Smoochie says all
exasperated: "It's not like they have a little baby or a dog to take care of."

To which Smoochie's mom laughs again & then proceeded to ignore her because she had had enough of the smart sassy comments from the six year old. So where was I?
I am sorry to say it was my TV night (what with ABC's prime time lineup: Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy & then followed by 6o & ER on at the same time - sheesh). I didn't bother to go online all evening & understandably she was very upset we weren't showing up.

Oh, but I love her sassiness. A woman needs to be sassy in order to make her mark in the so called man's world. The younger they start the better. Go Smoochie!

Smoochie's also not afraid of bossing her older brother around: "Smoochie", I say, "You can't boss him around like that. He's older than you." She retorts with her usual sassiness. "Well, only by a year!" Well, whatdya say to that?

She said one morning: "I notice I'm wearing a lot of skirts." (Never mind that her mom lays out her clothes for her - everyday!).

Looks tough doesn't she? That's cause she is!

Alright, Sassy Smoochie, where are you today? Why are you not online? I'm waiting!

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