Monday, October 02, 2006

♫ breathe, just breathe ♫

Fluoride may not be added to our tank rain water supply but at least we have fresh air. I don't think Bermuda will ever be polluted because being a tiny speck with hundreds of miles of the Atlantic surrounding the island does give rise to some perks. There's just too much water to dissolve all the toxins - in this case more really is good. Another Atlantic Ocean perk, no smog.

For those of you who don't know, smog is a combination of smoke & fog, brought on by hot weather & air pollution. It's a serious issue, a cause of a slew of health problems - and like most it always hits the children & the elderly the hardest. The smog in downtown Toronto has risen to unacceptable levels in recent years. Intense hot days during the summer months has prompted the city to issue smog alerts & smog days - the only thing missing are smog t-shirts. We sure could tell the difference when we were back in Toronto. The downtown air was just not happening. Hubby & I were glad to be back on the island & breathe the fresh un-polluted air - rush hour scooter commute does not count!

I don't want to trash my hometown so I will provide a bigger justifiable picture to Toronto's Summer Smog. 60% of it comes from America. That's right! The warm summer air that blows in from the south also blows pollutants from their many factories into our beloved Canadian zone. The issue of getting America to cut down their pollution has been raised many times over - but as a self proclaimed superpower, they reckon they can say no to anything that does not prove beneficial to them. Toronto does get back at them though. Want to venture a guess as to where our garbage goes? America is Canada's dumping ground because Toronto's garbage crosses the border to settle down in Michigan. This does not come cheap for Toronto but hey they mess with our air, we mess with their land. Revenge is sweet because they sure don't like Canadian garbage.


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