Thursday, October 26, 2006

heat free workplaces

The cold weather has made its Bermuda debut earlier this year with a big bang. Things were fine & hot up until Tuesday & then bam, outta nowhere the island was taken over by these 'cool' winds. Ordinarily it would be fine but it's even cooler when you're on a scooter. And that's us during our commute to work. Out come much needed jackets & scarves, for the last thing we want is to be out of commission with the change in weather flu/cold.

Of course, we had to dive into our warmer clothing this week. That meant taking them out of our SpaceBags. It was just as fresh as we the day we packed them in. No bugs, no musty smell, no dampness just good laundered freshness. The irony is that we have to dress up warmer at work than at home. The reason?

Bermuda offices are not big on heating. Most of the office buildings were built with the much needed central air con for use during the summer, of course, but nary a thought to central heating for the winter. While Bermuda has a temperate climate, it is not part of the Caribbean islands. In fact being situated further north, we're not exactly privy to the hot temperatures in the winter but rather to a damp cool climate. So, while most office buildings did not think of having heating put in they still leave the air con on in the winter. It helps to maintain a damp free environment but it's still cold. Bermuda's cold weather is more or less equivalent to Canada's fall weather. Which is nice because we don't have to deal with snow & the -10
o C temperatures, but I do miss seeing the autumn colours of fall. Looking back, I just never thought I'd need my fall gear for use in Bermuda.


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